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Dear Colleague,
Welcome to 2020 – we are back with our latest updates since the holiday period! This month we'd like to highlight the latest issue of the “Zeitschrift für Psychology” with an open access special issue on “Open Science in Psychology: Progress and Yet Unsolved Problems.” As Sophia Crüwell and her colleagues write in their article: “The open science movement is rapidly changing the scientific landscape. Because exact definitions are often lacking and reforms are constantly evolving, accessible guides to open science are needed.” All articles are open access, go and check them out here. . . 
Your Hogrefe Publishing Team
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The latest edition of this popular textbook on the behavioral and social sciences in medicine has been fully revised and updated to meet the latest requirements on teaching recommended by the National Academy of Medicine. Read more about the new edition coming soon here...
Latest news
Open Science in Psychology
An open access special issue of Zeitschrift für Psychologie, edited by Frank Renkewitz and Moritz Heene, on Open Science in Psychology has just been released. Read more about how the open science approach can help here...
International Day of Education
January 24 was the International Day of Education. In keeping with Hogrefe's philosophy – “Knowledge brings benefits - we add quality and focus to harness scientific knowledge for health, education, business, and everyday life.” – check out a list of our textbooks here...
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We'd like to welcome our Journal of Personnel Psychology to Twitter. The editors set up an account for the journal to keep you posted about the latest news and research in the field of personnel psychology. Go and check it out so you don't miss out on the latest news from the journal!
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