Hogrefe Publishing Corona Update
Dear Colleague,
The unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 virus is evolving day-by-day and, for most of us, our workplaces and work methods are adapting just as rapidly. It is important to stay informed – and also important that we learn from existing and new research and past experiences. So here at Hogrefe we are trying to create some helpful online resources for you which, like the whole situation, will probably evolve day-by-day.
A good example is the new editorial in our journal Crisis by Paul S.F. Yip and Pui Hing Chau, who draw on experience in Hong Kong during and after the 2003 SARS epidemic to look at how lessons from then could and should be applied in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Another good example comes from the editorial team of our Journal of Personnel Psychology, who have put together reading lists of research articles published in the journal that readers may find relevant to life and work during the current coronavirus pandemic. They deal with virtual or remote work; balancing work, life, and resources; and working in health care.
The various collections and other resources (such as a link to the real-time, AI-driven feed delivering coronavirus research news created by our journals hosting service Atypon) where you’ll hopefully find some food for thought are all collated here.
Please stay safe and healthy in these unpredictable times!
Your Hogrefe Publishing Team
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Work-Life Balance in the Time of Corona
The Psychology of Pandemics – A Selection of Readings
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