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We’re excited to be sponsoring this month’s 34th European Association for Aviation Psychology Conference in Gibraltar, and offering as our “Book of the month” the new Aviation Psychology: Applied Methods and Techniques.
Full of methods and procedures that psychologists with an interest in aviation can use to improve the safety, well-being and performance of those in this industry, the goal of the book is to connect people and countries for an exchange and exploration of the field of aviation – leading to better and safer experiences in the sky.
Book of the month
Aviation Psychology: Applied Methods and Techniques
Edited by Ioana V. Koglbauer / Sonja Biede-Straussberger
We’re delighted to present our “Book of the Month” for September 2022.
Aviation Psychology guides professionals within aviation on how to adapt flexibly to the continuously evolving requirements of the aeronautical landscape.
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Early Sociocognitive Battery (ESB)
By Penny Roy / Shula Chiat / Jennifer Warwick
The (ESB) is a new, innovative assessment for preschool children that is predictive of later language and social communication difficulties, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The ESB can be used by speech and language therapists as well as psychologists, and data collection for a U.S. sample is now underway.
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New releases
How Does Well-Being in School Matter?
Edited by: Tina Hascher, Heta Tuominen, Katariina Salmela-Aro
Influencing factors that support the learning and development of young people.
This series of articles explores how motivation and emotions can play a key role in schools, and how student and teacher well-being might be related (to the point of low teacher well-being aggravating the mental health of their students). The articles give a detailed insight into life at school, which can lead to a better understanding of why well-being in school really does matter.
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Affirmative Counseling for Transgender and Gender Diverse Clients
By lore m. dickey, Jae A. Puckett
A how-to guide to affirmative counseling with transgender clients
Now available in print.
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Griffiths III – A Case Study Book for Practitioners
Edited by: Louise Stroud / Elizabeth Green
Written by world renowned practitioners of the Griffiths Scales of Child Development, Third Edition (Griffiths III), this volume (now available as eBook) presents individual case studies to assist practitioners and trainees in making full use of the Griffiths III to comprehensively assess a child’s development. Practitioners will learn about tracking and monitoring development and how to measure the impact of intervention – creating more informed decisions about the management and placement of the child.
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Embitterment, Posttraumatic Embitterment Disorder, and Wisdom Therapy
By Michael Linden
Teach your clients how to process their internalized feelings of hurt and humiliation so that they can create the conditions to reconcile themselves with the events that triggered these difficult and long-lasting states. The book is full of practice-oriented tips to help clients actively gain closure with the past and enable a new orientation towards the future.
This book is accompanied by a book for clients How to Overcome Embitterment With Wisdom.
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Latest in our journals
Journal of Personnel Psychology
An esteemed author and revered professor: Remembering Heinz Schuler on the First Anniversary of His Death
The latest editorial in Journal of Personnel Psychology reflects on the life of the journal’s founding editor Heinz Schuler: His life and achievements, personal characteristics, and legends and anecdotes.
On the first anniversary of his death, we strive to uphold our founding editor’s ideals and commitment and applaud his contribution to assessment as the author of the Dark Triad of Personality and the Achievement Motivation Inventory.
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European Journal of Health Psychology
The latest issue of European Journal of Health Psychology discusses physical health complaints in adolescents, efficacy assessments as predictors of uncertainty preferences, and the role of maternal perceived social support relating to prenatal depressive symptoms and labor experience.
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Our journals are always looking for high-quality, relevant submissions. Below we have listed current calls for papers for special issues and sections that our journals aim to publish in the coming months. Check out the list below to see if your work might be appropriate.
European Journal of Psychological Assessment
Special issue: “Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Psychological Assessment”
Zeitschrift für Psychologie
Topical issue: Real-World Bio-Psycho-Social Assessments