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Dear Christina Sarembe,
We hope you enjoyed a spooky Halloween!
Fortunately our peer-reviewed books and journals are not at all scary – and they provide the accurate and up-to-date information you need to stay current in your field.
We are launching our new “Book of the Month” series, starting with the recently released title Meeting Emotional Needs in Intellectual Disability. Find out more about this new book and the benefits it can bring by reading more below.
Your Hogrefe Publishing Team
Book of the month
Meeting Emotional Needs in Intellectual Disability
By Tanja Sappok / Sabine Zepperitz / Mark Hudson.
We’re delighted to present our first “Book of the Month” this November 2021.
This recently released book introduces a new emotional development, evidence-based model to help those with intellectual disabilities.
To find out more about what being a book of the month entails (hint: It includes a discount code!) click on the link below.
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New releases
Aviation Psychology
Edited by Ioana Koglbauer / Sonja Biede-Straussberger
“A comprehensive guide to help solve practical problems in aviation psychology.”
Ioana Koglbauer and Sonja Biede-Straussberger have co-edited a new book on Aviation Psychology methods which is now available to order! A range of chapters look at the latest methods and tools for applied research in aviation psychology to guide professionals in this evolving landscape.
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Zeitschrift für Psychologie
Edited by Rainer Greifeneder / Andrew T. Gloster
Bridging the fields of clinical psychology and social psychology.
Social interactions are a central component of humans’ lives and mental health. This volume takes a programmatic stance based on the assumption that there are many commonalities between the two disciplines worth highlighting, and synergies to be developed and built upon.
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IPPA Idea Starter Symposium
Last weekend, October 29-30, we virtually attended the IPPA Idea Starter Symposium. We enjoyed getting to know those who visited our booth and helping them with their questions. A big thank you to Hogrefe author Ryan Niemiec who held a meet-the-author session via video call at our booth. To learn more about our products and use the symposium discount code, just click on the link below.
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Latest from our journals
Editorial: Implementing Real-Time Data Suicide Surveillance Systems
This editorial in the new issue of Crisis explores the usage of real-time data to understand the spatiotemporal variability of suicides and observing such systems in select countries.
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