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Dear Melanie Beck,
In this issue of our newsletter, we’re putting the focus on our journals as we haven’t updated you in a while – and we have some exciting news! Our open access journal Psychological Test Adaptation and Development has just released its first three articles. We are thrilled that a great start has been made – both the editors and we are looking forward to getting more submissions. 
The newsletter also points out some new special issues, a call for papers, and an interesting editorial about adaptations to COVID-19 in a psychology service. 
Your Hogrefe Publishing Team
PTAD – first papers out now!
Psychological Test Adaptation and Development (PTAD)
PTAD is the first open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing papers on adaptations of tests to specific (e.g., cultural) needs, test translations, or the development of existing measures. It is the official open access organ of the European Association for Psychological Assessment (EAPA). 
We are delighted to announce that the first articles have now been released online – and more will follow in the coming weeks. One describes an adaptation of the German-language Fragebogen zu Ressourcen im Kindes- und Jugendalter (FRKJ) [Questionnaire to Assess Resources for Children and Adolescents (QARCA)] into Chinese, the first Chinese measure that simultaneously assesses personal and environmental resources for youngsters. Click here. 
The other two articles are by Matthias Ziegler, PTAD’s editor-in-chief, who presents an overview about the beginnings, the structure, and the goals of this journal.
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Be part of this exciting journey and submit your paper now!
Latest on our journals
A Special Issue of European Psychologist - Call for papers
“Psychology, Global Threats, Social Challenge, and the COVID-19 Pandemic: European Perspectives”
Guest Editors: Bernd Roehrle and Nicola Gale
"Research specifically related to COVID-19 is of course at a very early stage. The ability of many scientists to work at pace in pushing the frontiers of knowledge despite the enforced challenges to working processes of measures to contain the spread of coronavirus has been one of the impressive hallmarks of this period. In asking for review papers, we anticipate that in the field of psychology it will be possible to analyze and synthesize the results of work that is being developed with existing work in the field in order to produce important new insights to create opportunities to have an impact on policy and practice." Read the full call for papers here. 
The deadline for submission of full papers is September 30, 2020.
All manuscripts will undergo regular peer-review, with a target publication date in December 2020/January 2021.
Submit here!
EJPA editorial on COVID-19
The next issue (4) of EJPA will contain a timely and informative guest editorial that describes the impact of COVID-19 and subsequent adaptions at a large facility that provides psychological assessment services. The editorial is free to read online in advance of its publication in the issue. As EJPA editor in chief Samuel Greiff writes in his introduction:
“The examples presented in the guest editorial and the approaches towards dealing with the new situation might inspire others faced with a similar situation and provide interesting thoughts and approaches on how psychological assessment can be adapted in extraordinary circumstances. I hope you enjoy reading this guest editorial.”
Click here to enjoy.
New issues out now
Journal of Psychophysiology
The latest issue of Journal of Psychophysiology is filled with original research. In one article the authors present a summary of the most common event-related potential (ERP) components under study in the area of emotion and cognition in young children. Another is about mindfulness meditation interventions (MMIs), a formal training program which utilize mindfulness techniques to improve attentional control and reduce stress and anxiety. Click here to see all articles of this new issue.
Topical Issue: Medically Unexplained Symptoms and Bodily Distress
guest edited by Alexandra Martin and Omer van den Bergh
The Zeitschrift für Psychologie brings convenient, cutting-edge compilations of the best of modern psychological science, each covering an area of current interest. This issue focuses on research in four key aspects of medically unexplained symptoms and bodily distress: (1) detection and diagnosis, (2) etiologically relevant mechanisms, (3) clinical management and effective treatment, (4) implementation of treatment.
Purchase a print copy here.  Or read the issue online here. 
European Journal of Health Psychology
The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality empirical or experimental research as well as sound practice-oriented articles, current methodological developments, and comprehensive critical reviews of the scientific literature. The latest issue has three articles that fulfill the aim:
• Does Perceived Stress Affect the Relationship Between Personality
and Sports Enjoyment?
Freya Dunker, Philipp A. Freund, and Eliane S. Engels
• Short Form of the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2
Ana N. Tibubos, Karin Schermelleh-Engel, and Sonja Rohrmann
• Affect Improvements and Measurement Concordance Between
a Subjective and an Accelerometric Estimate of Physical Activity
Björn Pannicke, Julia Reichenberger, Dana Schultchen,
Olga Pollatos, and Jens Blechert

Check out the issue here!
European Journal of Psychological Assessment
European Journal of Psychological Assessment just released a wonderful special issue, guest edited by Peter Koval, Elise K. Kalokerinos, Philippe Verduyn, and Samuel Greiff. It looks at applying Ambulatory Assessment (AA) methods to study emotion and emotion regulation in daily life.
An open access article in the issue by Casper J. Albers and Laura F. Bringmann introduces a new time-varying change point autoregressive (TVCP-AR) model to help researchers detect both gradual AND abrupt changes in emotion dynamics. Check it out here. 
Aging is ubiquitous
New special issue of the European Psychologist out now! The topic of aging is ubiquitous and cannot be ignored. While populations in many regions are aging, the promise of aging research in psychology is not conditional on such demographic changes. The latest issue of the European Psychologist, the flagship journal of the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA), provides a rich up-to-date compilation of innovative review articles that reflect the wealth and diversity of aging research. Check it out here. 
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