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Dear Melanie Beck,
We trust you are well and have had chance for some relaxation in these strange times. Times may be strange and uncertain, but some things do carry on – Hogrefe continues to publish some (we think …) great works, for instance. Check out the new book releases below, including two that concentrate on how important it is that the person must take center-stage in clinical contexts.
Oh, and we have some exciting news concerning journals too: take a look at the announcement below of an established journal taking a sustainable, international perspective (how apt is that for Hogrefe!) that is joining our portfolio of peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Your Hogrefe Publishing Team
New Journal
New Journal coming 2021
Hogrefe Publishing and the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division 52 (International Psychology) are delighted to announce their new publishing partnership for the Division’s scientific journal, International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation.
“We are thrilled that the Division’s journal International Perspectives in Psychology is now going to join our family of peer-reviewed journals – and are especially looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership.” said Robert Dimbleby, Publishing Manager at Hogrefe
New books
Handbook of Person-Centered Mental Health Care 
by Nosheen Akhtar, MSc, Cheryl Forchuk, PhD, Katherine McKay, MD, Sandra Fisman, MD, Abraham Rudnick, MD
Person-centered mental health care is essential for keeping service users at the center of care. This handbook uses practical examples across health care, research, education, and leadership to illustrate how to implement person-centered approaches for and with the growing population of service users who have mental health challenges.
Practicing Positive Psychiatry 
by Fredrike Bannink, PhD, Frenk Peeters, MD
A highly practical book for all mental health professionals wanting to know how to apply positive psychiatry in their daily work. In this new approach, the person takes center stage, not the disease, and the focus is not only on repairing the worst, but also on creating the best in our patients.
The Psychology of Forensic Evidence 
Zeitschrift für Psychologie
Edited by: Anna Sagana, Melanie Sauerland
Suicide and Suicide Prevention From a Global Perspective 
Edited by: Ella Arensman, Diego De Leo, Jane Pirkis
Hotspots in Psychology 2020 
Zeitschrift für Psychologie
Edited by: Michael Bošnjak, Nadine Wedderhoff
Hogrefe Open Mind
Hogrefe OpenMind
Latest on our journals
PTAD new article
New open access article
“The Psychometric Properties of a Brief Dutch Version of the Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory of Personality Questionnaire” by Serafine Dierickx, Dirk Smits, Philip J. Corr, Penelope Hasking, and Laurence Claes
The Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory is one of the most important theories of personality. It assumes that personality differences on the surface can be explained by three neurobiological systems responsible for appetitive and aversive motivation. When trying to measure the sensitivity of these systems, it is important to have a reliable and valid instrument that can be used in numerous contexts and different languages. This article attempts to translate and evaluate the Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory- Personality Questionnaire (RST-PQ), that was originally designed by Corr and Cooper in 2016 to the Dutch language.
European Psychologist Call for Papers
Call for Papers
European Psychologist just released a new call for papers on “Creativity”, increasingly recognized as a 21st century skill that concerns children and adults, both in daily life and diverse domains of professional activity.
Guest Editor: Todd Lubart
Deadline for submission of full papers is January 1, 2021
New Issue Crisis
New issue 5/20
The world suicide day has past but the theme of the day is always present. So let’s work together to prevent suicide. The fifth issue of Crisis, just released, is packed with informative articles, including the (free access) editorial on “Suicide Research, Prevention, and COVID-19” which featured in a recent webinar.
New Issue Experimental Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Check out the latest issue of Experimental Psychology released in the beginning of September, including an open access article.
IASP 2021
31st World Congress
September 21-24, 2021
Gold Coast, Australia