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“It's important for folks to know that abortion does not cause mental health problems. What's harmful are the stigma surrounding abortion, the lack of knowledge about it, and the lack of access.”
- Debra Mollen, PhD, a professor of counseling psychology at Texas Woman's University
Recent news has reignited important conversations about women’s mental health and healthcare access. Professional bodies in our fields have made their positions very clear. The American Psychiatric Association has firmly reiterated the position it has held for decades, “that abortion is a medical procedure for which physicians should respect the patient’s right to freedom of choice” and that it “opposes all constitutional amendments, legislation, and regulations curtailing family planning and abortion services to any segment of the population.” An article by the American Psychological Association presents facts about abortion and mental health, looking at the scientific research over the past 50 years.
Book of the month
Hermann Rorschach’s Psychodiagnostics: Newly Translated and Annotated 100th Anniversary Edition
Edited by Philip J. Keddy / Rita Signer / Philip Erdberg / Arianna Schneider-Stocking
We’re delighted to present our “Book of the Month” for July 2022.
A completely new translation of Rorschach’s Psychodiagnostics:
  • Newly translated and annotated by experts from the field
  • New introductory chapters
  • Illustrated with photos and drawings from the archives
To learn more about what being a book of the month involves (hint: it includes a discount code!) click on the link below.
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Upcoming international conferences
17th European Congress of Psychology
July 5-8, 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia
International Society of the Rorschach Centenary Congress
July 11-15, 2022, Geneva, Switzerland
American Psychological Association Annual Convention
August 4-7, Minneapolis, MN, USA
New eBook releases
Psychological Approaches to Cancer Care
By Teresa L. Deshields, Jonathan L. Kaplan, Lauren Z. Rynar
Psychosocial interventions are known to be effective for helping patients and families navigate the many issues that can arise at any stage of the cancer continuum.
Psychosocial oncology is a health psychology specialty that focuses on the psychological, behavioral, emotional, and social challenges faced by patients with cancer and their loved ones. This volume in our Advances in Psychotherapy series provides psychologists, physicians, social workers, and other health care providers with practical and evidence-based guidance on the delivery of psychological interventions to patients with cancer.
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Shining Light on the Dark Side of Personality: Measurement Properties and Theoretical Advances
Edited by Peter Karl Jonason
Learn which dark side of personality assessment to use and when.
This volume in our Psychological Assessment – Science and Practice series explores the latest research on the assessment of dark personality traits, including the Dark Triad of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. The internationally renowned contributors provide a comprehensive, evidence-based overview of the personality traits currently being explored.
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Now available in print
The Psychology of Meditation: Varieties, Effects, Theories, and Perspectives
By Peter Sedlmeier
d2 Test of Attention - Revised
By Rolf Brickenkamp / Lothar Schmidt-Atzert / Detlev Liepmann
The d2-R has become one of the most widely-used measures of attention – particularly visual attention – throughout Europe. Used within clinical and educational settings, it is also used within the pharmaceutical and transport sectors, and finds further application in areas such as sports psychology. The d2-R measures a variety of facets, including concentration and processing speed.
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Latest in our journals
European Journal of Psychological Assessment
Editorial: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Other Demons
Do recent trends in psychological assessment such as AI and machine learning involve the sort of magical thinking so eloquently presented in Gabriel García Márquez’ works? The latest issue of EJPA includes an invited paper on AI and machine learning in psychological assessment, that expresses strong opinions, but it is also meant to serve as a starting point to open up a discussion of its role in assessment.
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Our journals are always looking for high-quality, relevant submissions. Below we have listed current calls for papers for special issues and sections that our journals aim to publish in the coming months. Check out the list below to see if your work might be appropriate.
European Journal of Psychological Assessment
Special issue: “Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Psychological Assessment”
International Perspectives in Psychology
Topical issue: “Building an Equitable Global Psychology: Giving Voice to the Indigenous Psychology in Southeast Asia”
Zeitschrift für Psychologie
Topical issue: Innovations in Exploring Sequential Process Data
Topical issue: Psychological Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic
Topical issue: COVID-19 and Coping with Future Crises
Topical issue: Are All Conspiracy Theories Created Equal?
Topical issue: Psychological Perspectives on Science Communication
Topical issue: Real-World Bio-Psycho-Social Assessments